A strategy, design, and technology partner for forward-thinking companies and societies.

Reaktor is a digital partner for forward-thinking companies. Based in Amsterdam, Helsinki, New York, Dubai, and Tokyo, the company creates digital products, experiences, and business tools for a global clientele.

At Reaktor, we design and build tomorrow’s digital products. We are known for our flat hierarchy, have a 5-star Glassdoor rating, and launched a satellite running Node.js in low Earth orbit.

Reaktor Amsterdam is focused on technology consulting and premium production. Complete with Reaktor Creative, an embedded studio for design, innovation and digital storytelling, the company is specialized in designing and developing hyper-modern customer experiences for premium brands.

The Amsterdam office has a unique vibe, being a lively mix of 18 nationalities. From day one, our growth philosophy has been to hire any and all Reaktorians out there. This has served us well, with a welcoming community of humans who will connect with you beyond the day-to-day.

Check out the Reaktor culture in our blog and listen to our podcast about topics that developers obsess over.